A collision on the road can have a massive impact on your life. Even if you’re fortunate enough to survive the FedEx truck accident, you will likely walk away from the scene with several injuries, and your car won’t be in the most excellent shape. Medical care and vehicle repairs aren’t cheap, and without a proper settlement, you may not be able to afford to fix your car or mend your wounds.

While being hit by a car is already deadly enough, colliding with a FedEx truck can cause even more serious damage. Although FedEx typically vets their drivers and properly trains them, reckless employees occasionally fall through the cracks. You’re lucky if you survive a collision with a FedEx truck, but simply surviving isn’t enough. 

An accident can completely turn your life upside down, and you need an excellent settlement to take care of yourself after the crash. Naturally, you want to get the most out of your settlement. However, FedEx has great lawyers, and winning a lawsuit against them can be difficult if you don’t play your cards right. You don’t want to walk away empty-handed. Therefore, you should carefully read this comprehensive guide on what to do after a FedEx truck accident to maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

What Should You Do Immediately After a Collision?

Make Sure That You Are Safe

The site of an accident can be hazardous. Many collisions occur in areas with high traffic, so you must watch out for other motorists. This is especially important on congested roads or in dangerous weather conditions. You should swiftly exit your vehicle and scan the scene for debris, fire, gasoline, and other fluids. 

If your surroundings seem safe, then it’s a good idea to set out reflective triangles and turn on your hazard lights. That way, your vehicle will be more visible to other motorists. Ideally, you shouldn’t move your vehicle after an accident. However, it is okay to move your vehicle to a safer position if you believe that you or other motorists are in immediate danger.

Call the Police

Most states require you to call the police after a collision. Failure to comply may result in serious legal consequences. The police will come to assess the damage and make sure that the scene is safe, and their report will be vital when you reach out to your insurance company. Whatever you say will be recorded in the report, so it’s best to stick to the basic facts when speaking to the police. Otherwise, you may say something that could be misconstrued by a judge and jeopardize your case.

Seek Medical Attention

If you’re injured after a collision, finding medical aid should be your priority. Even if you feel fine after your FedEx truck accident, you should still see a doctor as quickly as possible. Vehicle collisions often cause internal injuries that may not be so obvious in the immediate aftermath of a crash. 

However, these injuries can impact your health or even kill you if they remain undetected for too long. Moreover, visiting a doctor soon after your accident will receive more accurate diagnoses that can be more easily attributed to the collision. This information can help your case and potentially result in a better settlement.

Speak to Witnesses

You need to get the contact information of anyone near the FedEx truck accident. They may be valuable witnesses during your hearing. Not all witnesses will want to go to court, so it’s essential to gather as many witnesses as possible so that you can make a stronger case in front of a judge.

Collect Evidence

Aside from gathering witnesses, you should also collect evidence to help your case. The police will take their pictures, but they might not do a thorough job. Thus, if you have a smartphone with a camera, it’s good to take pictures of the collision site from several angles. 

Many businesses and homes have security systems and doorbell cameras that constantly record footage, so it’s worth canvassing the local area to see if anyone has captured the collision on video. Many of these security systems do not store footage for very long, so you need to act as quickly as possible.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

To gain traction with your case, you need to know who the other driver is. Thus, it’s essential to find out the other driver’s name and exchange insurance information. If the other driver refuses to share any information with you for some reason, you should at least record the license plate number and provide a detailed description of the vehicle.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurer probably won’t provide coverage if you wait to reach out to them. Therefore, you should contact your insurance provider before you leave the scene. You pay your insurance bill every month to take care of you if you’re ever in an accident. However, insurance companies often try to do everything in their power to avoid paying damages. You can’t go against an insurance company alone, so you must reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible if you believe that your insurance company isn’t holding up their end of the contract.

Will FedEx Give You a Higher Payout?

Because FedEx is a large company, many people believe that a collision with one of their vehicles will result in a huge payday. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A judge will not consider the wealth of each party when awarding compensation. Instead, your settlement will depend on who is at fault, the extent of the damages resulting from the collision, and the details of the defendant’s insurance policy. The only difference between a collision with a FedEx driver and a crash with a regular motorist is that you will deal with FedEx’s insurance company instead of the driver’s insurer.

Should You Accept Cash From the Other Party?

Be wary of a cash offer from the other driver or an early settlement from FedEx. Accepting a settlement may prevent you from seeking compensation for the collision in the future. If they offer to settle out of court, they likely believe that you could sue them for a higher sum. Before accepting or rejecting a settlement from the company, you should speak with your lawyers and carefully weigh your options. A reputable lawyer has been on many cases like yours, so they have the knowledge and experience to direct you towards the best course of action.

How Likely Are You To Get a Settlement?

The success of your hearing depends on several factors. If the court determines that you are at fault, you may not be entitled to any compensation. Laws vary between states so that the same FedEx truck accident might have different outcomes in different areas. The court will also consider repair bills, medical costs, and other expenses when deciding how to award the plaintiff.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

With so much money on the line, representing yourself is not a good idea. The defendant’s lawyers will use every trick in the book to ensure that your lawsuit goes nowhere. On top of that, the legal system is complex, so it’s easy to make a minor mistake that can have a severe impact on your case. 

An experienced attorney understands the system much better than a layperson ever could. They pay close attention to every little detail, and they know how to frame your case in a way that will make the judge rule in your favor. You might be hesitant to pay a lawyer’s rates before you’re confident of your success, but you should consider it an investment in your future. Without the help of an experienced attorney, there is almost no chance that you will receive proper compensation, so the right legal counsel is the best way to get the settlement you deserve.

How Should You Choose an Attorney?

There are a few significant factors to consider when looking for an attorney. First and foremost, you need an attorney who values your case and doesn’t waste your time. If you reach out to an attorney, they should get back to you as quickly as possible. A law office that doesn’t return your calls probably doesn’t have its act together.

Secondly, your attorney should be honest and realistic. An attorney who promises you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a broken arm and a bent frame is likely exaggerating to solicit your business. Furthermore, they should speak to you in a way that you understand. If they’re using a ton of jargon with you and don’t explain the details of your case clearly, then they probably don’t have your best interests at heart.

Finally, you should check out a law office’s reputation before doing business with them. Do they have any reviews online? Do the testimonials on their website look legitimate? Do you know anyone else who has used their services? Proceeding with a lawsuit is a big deal, so you don’t want to hire a legal team known for dependability and success.

How Can You Protect Yourself Before Your Hearing?

Stay Under the Rader Until After Your Hearing

The other side will work hard to discredit any of your claims. For example, they may try to downplay the extent of your injuries. To achieve this, they might take pictures of you walking around in public, going to the gym, and performing strenuous activities. You will be under scrutiny for a while, so it’s better to stay inside as much as possible and keep your head low until your hearing has concluded. 

Make Copies of Evidence

Your evidence will be useless if you cannot access it at your hearing. However, evidence is easier to lose than you might expect. For example, you may have photos of the scene of the FedEx truck accident on your computer, but what happens if your computer inexplicably crashes? 

A judge will be much less likely to award a fair payout if you don’t have adequate evidence to support your case, so you need to make copies of any evidence and keep it somewhere safe. Any lawyer will want to see you succeed, and they have the knowledge and resources to preserve copies of your evidence adequately. Thus, it’s essential to share all evidence with your legal counsel.

Avoid Talking About the Case

Aside from speaking to the police, medical professionals, and your lawyer, you should do your best to avoid talking about the case. Sharing details about the case with your colleagues, friends, and family members will only diminish your prospects of success. On top of that, it’s a good idea to stay off of social media entirely until the hearing is over. Remember, the defendant’s lawyers will actively try to gather evidence against you, so you must stay quiet about the case.

Secure Your Future With the Right Legal Counsel

You need to take the proper steps for your financial future. You may face severe medical problems and financial difficulties after an accident, so you deserve fair compensation for your suffering. You shouldn’t have to make your case alone, so if you’ve been in a FedEx truck accident, then you should contact a reliable attorney immediately to explore your legal options.