FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer

FedEx Corporation is a large corporation that has two principal subsidiaries. The parent company is located in Memphis, Tennessee. It has two subsidiary companies that run over 180,000 vehicles throughout the U.S. This company must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. This is when you might need a FedEx truck accident lawyer or UPS truck accident lawyer if you were hit by one of their delivery trucks.

Failure to follow the regulations that govern commercial trucks can open the company to litigation claims. This is why accidents involving any FedEx company truck can quickly escalate into a legal battle; it’s crucial to get access to the most aggressive legal representation possible. Our FedEx accident lawyers have extensive experience successfully litigating cases against this powerful transportation company.

Truck Accident Injuries

Accidents involving any moving vehicles can produce injuries and even fatalities; however, commercial trucks amplify this effect severely. The most lethal and damaging accidents on the highway are the ones that involve a commercial truck. These collisions are likely to cause severe harm and even death. The role of the FedEx truck accident lawyer is to protect the rights of the survivors and family members who seek compensation through the courts. Your rights must be defended against the attempts of the company to dodge responsibility for paying compensation.

Injuries sustained by survivors can be extremely severe, which often causes extreme suffering. Victims may also experience extensive loss of enjoyment from routine activities. In addition to the pain of the injuries, there is also the loss of income to consider. Many people survive these collisions only to face life with reduced or eliminated resources, as work becomes harder or impossible to maintain.

Victims of a collision can’t count on the legal system to automatically provide the resources necessary to cover medical expenses and lost income from work. This is why you need to contact our effective FedEx truck accident lawyer immediately. We can represent your interests in the courtroom and ensure that you get every dollar that you’re entitled to receive under the law.

Truck Accidents & FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer

Determining the cause of the truck accident is a serious topic that should be understood by anyone facing a court case against a large transportation company like FedEx. Most collisions involve a variety of circumstances that lead up to the event. Because no one wants to be involved in a potentially lethal crash, determining fault is a huge issue. Establishing the cause of the collision is necessary in legal cases to determine who was at fault for the accident.

Sizeable commercial vehicle drivers have extra obligations to drive safely and defensively, so proving that the company driver was at fault is the task of the truck accident attorney. However, you can expect the company to deflect the blame away from their actions or negligent policies. Our firm can help you strengthen your case by using the best practices known to get results in these issues.

Our truck accident attorneys understand how to gather facts and documentation about the case to help your case prevail in court. The determination of negligent driving can help your case prevail in court, but establishing this negligence can be tricky. This is just one example of how liability can be used in a lawsuit to compel the company to pay compensation for injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and more.

For the sake of understanding what’s involved, here we will cover some of the main factors that will be used to determine liability in a truck accident case. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it serves as a short guide to help you understand the topic of liability.  During the fact-finding portion of the truck accident case, the lawyer will attempt to determine facts that may have contributed to the collision:

Delivery Truck Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Many commercial trucks are improperly maintained, contributing to a collision with other vehicles. For example, the air brakes are expensive to repair or replace, and many companies or fleet managers will try to cut costs by delaying necessary repairs. If the vehicle inspection shows that repairs were postponed or avoided, it can be submitted as evidence in the case. Other vehicle parts that might not receive proper maintenance include the steering system, drive train, and even something as basic as new tires. Commercial vehicles are held to a higher standard on the road since any problems with their functioning can create serious road hazards.

FedEx Load Compliance

Compliance with loading standards

The cargo on the commercial vehicle must be loaded correctly to maintain compliance with regulatory standards. For example, if the heaviest part of the cargo is loaded at the top of the stack, high winds can blow the trailer off the regular lane. This is a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. There are other rules for loading different kinds of cargo. For example, the heaviest cargo should be packed near the cab, and there are many special rules for any hazardous materials. If improper cargo loading contributed to an accident, the truck accident attorney must be alert to this possibility and pursue the facts to substantiate your claim against the company.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue

Drivers often face impossible choices when the company imposes tight deadlines that require the driver to either break the rules for rest breaks or arrive late. This can happen when the company forces the driver to wait until the last minute while eating up the allowable driving time. Fatigued drivers can make various mistakes that could be avoided if the company would allow proper rest periods to occur. Unfortunately, many companies pressure their drivers to cut into their rest periods to push their delivery deadlines. This can create serious road hazards if the driver works under these conditions for extended periods with no legal recourse. The truck accident attorney must tell the difference between a genuine driver error and a driver who was forced to keep working extended shifts under conditions of extreme fatigue.

Distracted FedEx Truck Driver

Distracted or Drunk Driving

Truck drivers might be liable if driving under the influence; however, this can also apply to other cars involved in the collision. Distracted driving and drunk driving are the main contributing factors in many road collisions, so the FedEx truck accident lawyer must present the facts in the case to advocate for the client’s interests. Company drivers are supposed to pass certification tests and training that ensures the public of their ability to drive without being distracted and refrain from driving under the influence at all times. If the driver breaks these rules, the company can be liable for damages.

Litigating Cases Against FedEx

Since FedEx has so many vehicles operating on the road at any given moment, it is only a matter of time before one of them becomes involved in an accident. The process of litigating the case can be extensive, but the documentation collected at the accident scene is often critical to conclude these cases. Make sure to contact our law firm right away, so we can help you to manage the proper documents that will lead to a desired legal outcome. The company’s lawyers will also be contacted right away, and it’s our job to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of their tactics.

If they succeed in getting the accident victim to waive their claim for damages, they will save the company much money. This is why the company hires the most aggressive and effective lawyers; the FedEx truck accident lawyer will always try to reduce the liability and damages the company must pay its victims. Our legal team understands these techniques, and we spent decades developing the most effective legal strategies to compel the company to pay financial compensation.

FedEx enjoys the publicity of being a company with a reputation for safety and efficiency. However, this company also has a track record of deflecting any responsibility for collisions between its drivers and members of the general public. Since this is an established pattern and practice, it makes sense to assume that deflecting legal obligations is an internal strategy that will continue.

Our exceptional legal team understands what our clients face when dealing with a large company like FedEx. We provide you with the most effective legal strategies and defend your legal rights during every stage of the legal process. This includes ensuring that all police reports, medical evaluations, and court documents are accurately completed and submitted by their deadlines.

Benefits of Having a FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer

Obtaining adequate financial compensation from the legal system can be difficult against a large corporation like FedEx and/or other delivery companies like UPS. The company has access to aggressive lawyers who often use unscrupulous techniques to protect their clients from paying damages. Liability has to be litigated in the court system, which takes much time.

Unfortunately, a person injured in a collision with a FedEx vehicle cannot prevail because of a lack of legal representation. Company attorneys can use technicalities to reject the claim, for example. It’s imperative to have the best legal representation in cases involving a FedEx commercial vehicle. Our truck accident lawyers are experienced and fearless when it comes to advocating for our client’s rights.

Our law firm has experience dealing with large companies like FedEx, and we seek the highest amount for victims of collisions. Accidents can cause serious harm to everyone involved in the accident. Because of commercial vehicles’ significant weight and size, anyone injured in an accident should seek aggressive legal representation. However, the company’s lawyers will attempt to deflect responsibility and reduce the liability owed to the claimants.

Our services are critical to helping anyone injured in a truck collision with a FedEx vehicle. Get access to the legal representation you need to win damages and financial compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. Take action immediately after the accident; never wait because delays are costly. Contact a FedEx truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to defend your rights under the legal system effectively.