Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers in Humble, TX

When you part with your hard-earned money as a premium for an insurance policy, you are trusting they would be there for you or your loved ones in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. But what happens when the insurance company fails to hold up their end of the bargain? An insurance company that blatantly violates your agreement, shouldn’t just walk away scott-free. You need to make them pay when they fail to act in good faith. The best way is by finding experienced insurance bad faith lawyers and filing a bad faith claim.

Proven Track Record

Our insurance bad faith lawyers at The PM Law Firm have been in the game for long enough to know the tricks insurance companies usually try to pull on their clients. It cannot be denied that there are some insurance companies that can be trusted to act in good faith. However, many insurance companies, if given the chance, would refuse to grant you your rightful claims. As is widely joked, "insurance companies make their profit via three ways; your premiums, their investments, and your denied claims." This unfortunately strengthens the fact that many insurance companies are into this practice and you shouldn’t simply sit by and watch them get rich from your denied claims. Our expert insurance bad faith attorneys have handled countless cases to an admirable degree of success. We are known for swift settlement of bad faith claims and helping our clients get what they deserve.

The Obligations of an Insurance Company

Perhaps you don't know the obligations of your insurance company in the event of an unforeseen circumstance for which you have purchased a policy. How then will you know if the company has acted in bad faith or not? Below are the major obligations an insurance company should carry out to be considered "in good faith".


Meticulous and timely investigation of the incident


Payment of deserved claims without unnecessary delay

Payment Plan

Sticking to the payment plan until the full value is paid (where applicable)

What to Do When You Suspect Insurance Bad Faith

If you suspect your insurance company has been acting in bad faith, the first thing you should do is to discuss the matter with them. Sometimes, your suspicion might have come from a minor misunderstanding that can be resolved easily by just talking to them. You could go a step further by putting your complaints into writing and addressing the letter to the company. This could put some pressure on them and push them to act as appropriate. This letter could also serve as evidence if you need to file a bad faith claim in the future. If the above suggestions still fail to yield meaningful results, do not hesitate to contact our expert insurance bad faith lawyers. We are adept at helping our clients review and interpret their insurance policies. If we find out that your claims are being denied or ignored unfairly, we would not hesitate to swing into action.

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers in Humble, TX

A Thorough Investigation Into the Claims

Our professional insurance bad faith attorneys are thorough at their jobs. We would meticulously investigate the claims and arm ourselves with ALL evidence showing the insurance company is at fault. If the denial has brought about a significant loss to your or your family, we would ensure they pay adequate compensation in addition to the claims.

Experienced Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

If we have exhausted all possible means of obtaining a reasonable settlement from your insurance company, we are not afraid of taking the fight to a court. While a court case might be time-consuming and emotionally trying, it becomes necessary if all reasonable alternatives have been tried to no avail. You should not allow yourself to be bullied into settling for anything short of the full value of your claim. You have the potential to record even an even bigger victory if the case is decided by a judge.

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If you feel your insurance company is acting or has acted in bad faith, do not hesitate to call on our expert insurance bad faith lawyers. We are ready to help you get what you deserve and prevent the company from usurping the rights of other innocent people.