How much Auto Insurance do I need?

September 28, 2019Auto Accident

Although Texas state law requires drivers to carry minimum amounts of liability auto insurance, shopping for insurance coverage is not a simple, one-size-fits-all situation. Additional types of auto insurance may be added to a liability policy and in some cases, may also be required. Some drivers may want the cheapest coverage while others want the … Read More

Who is Liable in a Self Driving Car Accident?

August 29, 2019Auto Accident

Self-driving cars are becoming the wave of the future. The most advanced models may be ready for launch within two years, despite the fact that they still have the crash record higher than that of a novice driver. The question is thus increasingly posed of who is liable for car accidents involving self driving vehicles. … Read More

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim in Texas?

July 29, 2019Auto Accident

When you are involved in a serious car accident, you are lucky to walk away from it with your life. The last thing that you want to worry about is the legal maze involved in filing a car accident claim and obtaining compensation for your injuries. Thankfully, in Texas, car accident victims generally have two … Read More

6 Types of Car Insurance Coverage Explained

July 1, 2019Auto Accident

If you are in the market for automobile insurance, you will need to know the common types of coverages that are available. The variety of types are aimed at protecting you, your vehicle, passengers, and other drivers. The most common automobile insurance coverage options are personal injury protection, liability, medical payments, underinsured and uninsured motorist, … Read More

5 Worst Texting and Driving Accidents

May 31, 2019Auto Accident

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident with injuries or fatalities knows the life-changing terror of these traumatic events. Some of the worst accidents occur when someone drives distracted, such as when texting and driving. In fact, texting accidents and other distracted driving in America cause 330,000 injuries each year, with over 3,450 … Read More

Worst Car Accidents in History

April 29, 2019Auto Accident

All drivers and passengers in motorized vehicles fear, at some level, that they may be involved in a traffic accident. Every time you drive, each time you board a bus, there is a chance that you won’t arrive at your destination without injury or even at all. Every day in the world, an average of … Read More

Rear End Collision: Who’s at fault?

March 26, 2019Auto Accident

Do you know who’s at fault in a rear-end collision? For most driver’s, they’d guess that the driver who rear-ends a vehicle is at fault, but that may not always be the case. Many car accidents have extenuating circumstances that can place the majority of the fault on the driver of the front car. Before … Read More

Old Drivers vs Young Drivers – Who is the worst?

February 28, 2019Auto Accident

The war of the ages has raged on forever, but most arguments have at least a little truth on both sides. In the debate of old vs young drivers, the two groups often point fingers at each other. It’s long been known that teen drivers are in the highest risk category, but older drivers aren’t … Read More

27 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

February 28, 2019Auto Accident

While cars have certainly transformed the country in regards to how far someone is able to live from their work, they have also increased the amount of danger on the road. Technology is often to blame for that as well. Car accidents can do more than just cost you a car. It can sometimes end … Read More

What to do if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?

January 30, 2019Auto Accident

Drivers pay a significant sum of money every year in auto insurance. In fact, insurance is mandatory in all 50 states and it’s illegal to drive without it. Just because it is mandatory, however, does not always mean that every driver on the road is insured. In fact, in 2015, roughly 13% of all drivers … Read More