Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. In some personal injury cases, a person or an organization can be held responsible for not maintaining the area where the accident took place. After an accident takes place, it’s always a good idea to have a plan in place to secure and maintain the proper evidence. A lot of times, people think personal injury cases can get settled based solely off their testimony, but that is not always true. So, the personal injury lawyers at the PM Law Firm in Humble, TX have put together a list of the best forms of evidence in personal injury cases.

Best Form of Evidence 1: Physical Evidence

The most common form of evidence is showing the physical evidence. Anything you can touch and show to other people is considered the best form of evidence that someone has been injured. Examples of physical evidence in personal injury cases can be dented cars, broken staircases, a sheared piece of cloth, stained cloth, a large tree in a parking lot that has been blocking the visibility and so on. This type of evidence can’t always be preserved, so make sure you don’t delay in filing your claim.

Best Form of Evidence 2: Medical Reports

A personal injury case is usually based on the medical reports as the reports are the proof of you being injured by the particular collision or accident. Due to its importance, it is advised that you seek medical attention immediately after the accident even if you are not hurt. Injuries can be internal and go unnoticed until they cause problems later on down the road. Make sure to keep all documents including medical reports, hospital bills, and insurance policies as these can be beneficial while building a personal injury case.

Best Form of Evidence 3: Witnesses

Witness testimony or witness reports of the scene are not always the most reliable in a court room, but they can surely be helpful in corroborating the narrative in which you are focusing.

Best Form of Evidence 4: Pictures or Videos

Nothing is more convincing than the visuals of how the accident happened and who the responsible party is. Quality pictures and videos speak for themselves and are very hard to argue against if the evidence is clean. As we’ve said before, physical evidence deteriorates over time so it’s better that you take quality pictures of the accident and the surrounding objects to make sure nothing is lost. Taking pictures and making a video is easy with your mobile phone and everyone can do it, which is why we highly encourage taking numerous pictures/video of any accident scenes.

Best Form of Evidence 5: Police Reports

It’s always a good idea to report the accident to the local police and record everything that happened to you. Police reports will indicate when the accident occurred and the particular place, time, and date. All important information to have when compiling evidence for a personal injury case.