Most of the packages that are delivered in the U.S. are transported via truck. And most of the hardworking people who drive those trucks are reliable employees. They value safety, and they’re adept at handling their vehicles in all kinds of situations.

Even so, throughout the country, thousands of delivery truck accidents occur each year. And, if you were ever the victim of such a crash, you’d likely be entitled to compensation for your damages and suffering.

In many cases, delivery drivers, their employers, or other people — such as vehicle inspectors or mechanics — are to blame for these collisions. In some instances, multiple parties bear liability.

Let’s look now at some of the top causes of delivery truck accidents in 2023. Indeed, these issues have long been major causes of truck accidents.

1. Backing Up Suddenly

When truck drivers abruptly go into reverse, it can be hazardous.

On occasion, delivery drivers realize that they’ve gone a little past their destination, and they’d rather not take the time to turn around. Thus, they just back up.

When delivery drivers go backward, though, they’re often contending with multiple blind spots. Therefore, they could strike a car or a pedestrian. And motorcycle and bicycle riders are often in special danger in these scenarios. Plus, drivers could run over pets or cause property damage.

Indeed, backing up can be tricky for delivery drivers even in more controlled environments like loading docks and parking facilities. In those situations as well, it can be difficult to see what’s behind the vehicle.

2. Stopping Without Warning

Just as delivery drivers might back up all of a sudden, they might also stop all at once.

Drivers might stop suddenly to avoid hitting something in the road — a rock or an animal, for example. Or they might stop because they realize they’ve reached their desired address. And, once again, maybe they don’t want to keep going to look for a place to turn around.

Whenever truck drivers stop suddenly, other motorists can smash into them. Multi-vehicle pile-ups are possible, too.

3. Sleepiness

Truck drivers are frequently on the road for many hours at a time. Yes, there are laws mandating regular breaks for these employees. However, when drivers are behind schedule, they sometimes work straight through their breaks. They may even feel a certain amount of pressure from their employers to do so.

Of course, it only takes a moment for a drowsy driver’s eyes to close and an accident to occur.

4. Recklessness

What’s another way to make up time while driving? Well, a person could bend or break some traffic rules.

Speeding, tailgating, running stop signs — these and other infractions can definitely lead to crashes.

5. Looking Away From the Road

Delivery drivers — and many other drivers for that matter — are often distracted when they’re behind the wheel. Instead of watching where they’re going, they might text, snack, or simply look down at something. And again, looking away for just a few seconds could be enough to cause a collision.

Distracted driving — in particular, using a phone behind the wheel — is also illegal in many instances.

6. Vehicular Failures

It’s the responsibility of delivery companies to routinely and thoroughly inspect their vehicles: the engines, brakes, tires, and so on. If anything’s wrong with a truck — even if the problem seems relatively minor — it should remain off the road. And repairs should be completed as soon as possible.

However, a delivery company may have failed to notice a truck’s mechanical problem. Maybe that’s because its inspections are too infrequent or too cursory. Or perhaps the company discovered the problem but neglected to fix it. (Maybe the company tries to save money by not doing repairs right away.)

In any of these cases, the result could be an on-road mechanical failure. A tire could blow out. The anti-lock brakes could misfire. The truck might run out of transmission fluid. These and other problems could lead to an accident, perhaps a serious one.

7. Driving in Inclement Weather

Storms and other types of bad weather pose dangers to drivers everywhere. Anyone could lose control of a vehicle when the roadways are slick or icy. And poor visibility often leads to collisions.

When weather conditions are really rough, it’s the responsibility of every driver to pull over and wait for conditions to improve.

8. Lacking Proper Training

Driving a truck is not the same as driving other types of vehicles. To operate a truck safely, a person must master certain technical, handling, and safety skills. Accordingly, delivery companies ought to provide comprehensive training to all new drivers.

With adequate training, delivery drivers know how to maneuver their large, bulky vehicles through all sorts of obstacles. They’re then better equipped to prevent accidents and avoid making a grave mistake. They can protect everyone around them.

However, a recent trend has been for delivery companies to hire short-term drivers. Or they might secure part-time drivers through independent contractors. In some of these instances, though, those employees have never undergone formal delivery truck training.

9. Carrying Loads That Are Too Heavy

Delivery drivers should know the maximum weight that their trucks can safely handle.

But, when drivers are trying to save time, they might overstock their trucks. That way, they don’t have to pick up more packages later on.

Unfortunately, when a truck’s load is too heavy, it could tip over — and perhaps roll over. It’s also possible for packages to get loose and fall out of the truck. Those items could then hit other vehicles — and maybe even crash through their windshields.

How the Right Attorney Could Help You After a Delivery Truck Accident

If you’re ever involved in an accident with a delivery truck, the delivery company may be liable for your medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, and other expenses.

However, to receive all of the money you deserve, you’d almost certainly need an excellent attorney at your side. You’d want a person who specializes in these types of accidents.

Without such a lawyer, it would be extremely difficult to take on the delivery company’s powerful insurance attorneys. Those lawyers could employ any number of legal maneuvers to shift blame from their client and onto you. Most likely, you’d end up with far less money than an outstanding accident attorney could attain for you — if any money at all.

Indeed, a first-rate lawyer would have the ability and the resources to conduct a full investigation into your collision. That person’s legal office could interview witnesses, review police and medical records, scrutinize photos and videos from the scene, examine various pieces of physical evidence, and consult accident reconstruction experts.

Your lawyer could also investigate the criminal background and safety record of the delivery truck driver, addressing questions such as:

  • Was this person fully trained?
  • Has this individual caused vehicular accidents in the past?
  • What conclusions can be gleaned from this employee’s trucking logs? And were any of those entries falsified?

On top of all that, your lawyer could look into the delivery company itself, focusing on key issues like the following:

  • Was this organization overworking its employees?
  • Did it pressure its workers to skip their breaks or deliver too many packages within a certain period of time?
  • Was its vehicle inspection process substandard in any way?
  • Does the company maintain and repair its trucks sufficiently?

Furthermore, if you’re ever in a delivery truck accident and you live near Humble, Texas, know that PM Law Firm is here for you.

It doesn’t matter if the delivery company is a small local outfit or a massive global corporation. When it comes to doing what’s right for our clients, we never back down.

We’ll complete a full inquiry into the causes of your crash, and we’ll build the strongest possible case on your behalf. We’ll then represent you with great skill and tenacity at the negotiating table. And, if it becomes necessary to do so, we’ll advocate for you expertly and fiercely inside a courtroom.

In short, we won’t stop until you get everything you’re entitled to under Texas law.

For sure, getting into an accident with a delivery truck, no matter the cause of the crash, can be devastating and traumatizing. Survivors often face debilitating injuries and months of painful rehabilitation. In such situations, many people also lose income or even lose their jobs. Moreover, anxiety, depression, and other serious mental health consequences can linger.

Nevertheless, payments from the delivery company could help in numerous ways. With those funds, you could be certain that you’ll receive all the medical care you need. You could recover lost wages and climb out of debt. Simply stated, you could take back your life and start looking forward to a brighter future.

For more information about our services, please contact us at any time.