Whether they belong to a significant corporation or a smaller local business, delivery trucks are a regular part of traffic. While most deliveries get performed without a problem, there’s always the unfortunate potential for a delivery truck auto accident.

 Like other vehicular accidents, a delivery truck collision may result in death or injuries. It may also lead to costly property damage. In the aftermath, it’s crucial to meet with an attorney who fully grasps the legal issues relevant to delivery truck accidents and can skillfully fight for your best interests.

What Can Cause a Delivery Truck Auto Accident?

 Several factors can contribute to a delivery truck auto accident, including the following:


 Delivery truck drivers often work for many hours a week, especially in busier times of the year, such as the holiday season. They’re usually on the road for hours and handle numerous stops. In some cases, their employers push them to exceed legal limits on their workloads. 

 As a result, drivers may suffer from drowsiness, poor focus, and other problems associated with fatigue. When reviewing the details of the accident, your attorney will investigate the delivery truck driver’s work schedule.

Phone Use and Other Distractions

 Whether they’re reviewing their schedules, checking an address, or responding to a message, delivery truck drivers may be using their phones or other devices while their vehicles are in motion. Other distractions include playing with the radio or rooting around in a takeout bag. 

Various Traffic Violations

 Under pressure to fulfill specific quotas, delivery truck drivers may violate traffic laws so that they don’t fall behind. These violations include:

  • Speeding.
  • Making illegal turns.
  • Running a red light or not waiting for long enough at a stop sign.
  • Failing to cede right of way.
  • Forgetting to signal before a lane change.

Driving Under the Influence

 Various drugs, including prescription medications, impair people’s ability to drive safely. Even without drinking heavily or taking hard drugs, a delivery truck driver may be influenced by a substance that slows reflexes, diminishes judgment, and causes other serious problems.

Inexperienced or Dangerous Drivers

 Sometimes, companies hire drivers who don’t have much experience driving in general or commercial operating vehicles. Companies may also fail to provide adequate training or conduct thorough background checks. One issue your attorney will look into after an accident is whether a delivery truck driver has a poor record, showing a repeated disregard for road safety.

Inadequate Vehicle Maintenance

 Companies need to perform timely maintenance on vehicles and maintain proper documentation of inspections, repairs, and upgrades. Accidents sometimes result from a company’s negligence in checking or fixing a delivery truck’s mirrors, brakes, lights, and other critical components.

Improper Load Management

 One potential vulnerability in delivery trucks is how they’re loaded up. The car may be carrying weight over legal limits. Its load may not be appropriately secured, causing various items to shift dangerously and, in some cases, fall off the vehicle. 

 With improper load management, a delivery truck driver may struggle to bring the vehicle to a stop in time. The truck’s instability may also make it more susceptible to rolling over. Your attorney will look into whether unsafe loading practices contributed to your accident.

What Should You Do After a Delivery Truck Auto Accident?

 If you suffer a collision involving a delivery truck, the steps to take are similar to what you would do after other vehicular accidents.

  • Along with reporting the accident to your own insurance company, contact the police and the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, primarily if the accident resulted in death, injuries, or more than a negligible amount of property damage.
  • If it’s safe for you to do so, take photos or videos from the scene of the accident. When possible, speak to potential witnesses and ask if they would like to share their contact information.
  • Obtain the contact information of the delivery truck driver and the company or companies employing them.
  • Keep clear records of everything, including medical reports, medical bills, and receipts from repair work performed on your vehicle.
  • Immediately reach out to a reputable attorney who has extensive experience working on vehicular accident cases. Even if an accident seems straightforward, you still want to make sure that you understand exactly what happened and that you aren’t overlooking anything or missing out on opportunities to receive sufficient compensation.

 It’s also important to be cautious about what you say to others, including the delivery truck driver, the driver’s employers, insurance representatives, and social media followers. 

 For example, don’t admit to any degree of fault. Even if you believe your actions contributed to the accident, you may not have a complete or accurate idea of what happened. There may be details you’re missing or misinterpreting. After discussing the accident with you and collecting and evaluating evidence, your attorney will help you determine what happened and review your options.

 Also, consult with your attorney before accepting settlement offers, signing medical release forms, or taking other steps that could undermine your best interests.

Legal Complexities in Accidents Involving Delivery Trucks

Insurance Coverage

 Which insurance policies do you have, and which policies cover the delivery truck driver? Depending on the circumstances, delivery truck drivers may be covered by a personal policy and one or more company policies. Which of these are relevant to the accident?

 Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, especially when you need to cope with high stress and pain after an accident. Insurance companies often try to find ways to deny coverage or reduce the amount they payout. Having a skilled attorney handle them on your behalf is tremendously helpful.


 Specific liability issues affect all accidents. For example, if you’re found partially at fault for a collision, the extent to which you’re at fault affects the compensation you may be entitled to for damages. 

 There may be additional legal complexities when an accident involves a delivery truck. One example is when a company outsources its deliveries to another company. In such a situation, which company may be held liable? The details will vary from one case to another.

 Another complexity arises when you try to determine the extent of the liability held by the individual driver compared to the company employing them. For example, if the driver was using the company’s delivery truck for a personal errand at the time of the accident, does the company still share the responsibility?

 Furthermore, how does the driver’s employment status affect liability? It may make a difference if the driver is a full-time employee instead of an independent contractor. Your attorney will consider these details and their ramifications when working on your case.

Other Factors Contributing to an Accident

 Some accidents involve more than two vehicles, and multiple parties may share the responsibility. Although negligent behaviors are a major driving force behind accidents, other complicating factors include rough weather. With your attorney’s analysis and guidance, you’ll have a clearer picture. 

After a Delivery Truck Auto Accident, We Can Help

 When you’ve suffered an accident with a delivery truck, the results may be devastating. Even if there are no fatalities, you may be struggling with both the short-term and long-term effects of injuries and trying to cope with the financial burden, which includes:

  • Medical expenses, such as the cost of surgeries, hospital visits, outpatient visits, and physical therapy.
  • Damage to your vehicle and valuable items in it, such as a laptop that got destroyed during the collision.
  • Missed days or weeks of work, the possible end of a career, or losing the capacity to work.
  • Expensive lifestyle changes, such as the need for assistive devices and home renovations to accommodate permanent injuries.

 From us, you can expect consistent personal attention to your case and powerful advocacy throughout the accident’s aftermath. In every way, we will look out for your best interests, including:

  • Exploring all options for compensation.
  • Ensuring that you file all paperwork accurately and without missing important deadlines.
  • Carefully analyzing the accident and accounting for all related expenses.
  • Advising you on the most beneficial decisions and keeping other parties from taking advantage of you.
  • Preparing you for any court appearances or medical exams requested by insurance companies.
  • Strengthening your case in every possible way and fighting on your behalf with consistent skill and dedication.

Contact Us After a Delivery Truck Auto Accident

 It would be best if you didn’t deal with the stressful aftermath of an accident all on your own. You increase your chances of fair treatment and favorable outcomes by relying on us. We look forward to using our considerable skills, experience, and dedication to serve you and advocate for your best interests.