What are the most common injuries after a car accident?

December 22, 2020Auto Accident

You lived through a car accident but sustained injuries that may, even now, affect your quality of life and ability to work. Just know that you’re not alone. Motor vehicle accidents injure some three million people every year in the U.S. One must also factor in the motorcyclists and pedestrians, both of whom run a … Read More

14 Car Insurance Company Tricks and Tactics

November 25, 2020Auto Accident

Car insurance is there to help protect your financial well-being in the event that you’re involved in a car accident. However, when it comes down to paying out on a claim, your best interests may not always be on the mind of the insurance company. Rather, they can utilize an abundance of tactics to reduce … Read More

The Different Steps of a Personal Injury Case

October 27, 2020Personal Injury

There are a number of different ways to handle a personal injury lawsuit. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is for you to be fairly compensated. When dealing seeking a claim, these are the primary steps that need to be taken.  STEP 1: Consult With a Lawyer In most instances, it’s never a good idea to file … Read More

Honda Recall Affecting Nine Models from 2018-21

September 25, 2020Auto Accident

Honda, which has been producing automobiles and motorcycles for a worldwide clientele since 1963, has issued five recalls over the past few months. The models affected by this Honda recall include Accords, Acuras, Civics, Fits, HR-Vs, Insights, Odysseys, Passports and Pilots while the years of the models affected range from 2018-21. 2018-19 Accords, Acuras, Civics, … Read More

Most Common Places for Car Accidents to Happen

August 27, 2020Auto Accident

Home is where people safe and protected. Unfortunately, this sense of comfort may make you too relaxed. If you have been in a car accident, there is a good chance it happened within 15 miles of your home. More than half of accidents occur within five miles of the driver’s residence. While there is nothing … Read More

7 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

July 29, 2020Auto Accident

Car accidents are unfortunately a daily occurrence in Texas, and the outcomes can be costly, damaging, and sometimes tragic. For 2018 alone, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that 249,241 people suffered injuries from motor vehicle collisions across the state, and 3,639 people died.  When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a collision, you may not immediately … Read More

Are Airbags Safe?

June 30, 2020Auto Accident

In 1967, Allen Breed, a mechanical engineer, created the first reliable airbag, which included sensors for deployment. His rudimentary design was improved and became a regular part of the automotive industry in the United States. During the 1970s, a few manufacturers began incorporating this safety device into their vehicle lines. In 1998, the government mandated … Read More

How to Drive in the Rain Safely

May 25, 2020Auto Accident

Hurricane season in Houston is known for creating hazardous driving conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the luxury of being able to stay at home. If you have to be on the road during hurricane season, be sure you know how to safely drive in the rain. Taking a few extra precautions will help you … Read More

How Does a Traffic Ticket Impact an Auto Injury Case?

April 30, 2020Auto Accident

Houston, TX, is the fourth largest city in the nation. This means more people – and more drivers – than anywhere else in the United States except New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. With more people on the road, that means more car accidents and more auto injury cases. So what are the odds … Read More

Who is Going to Fix My Car After A Car Accident?

March 26, 2020Auto Accident

After a car accident that doesn’t result in the car being totaled, the goal is to get the vehicle fixed. But who will do the repairs? While this is an excellent question, getting the car fixed is a process, and you might not be able to choose the repair shop without being aggressive toward getting … Read More