Slips and falls can happen at any time for many different reasons. It is the responsibility of owners of homes, buildings, parking lots, and walkways to ensure the safety of their properties. This kind of responsibility is commonly known as the premises liability. If you work at these kinds of places and you fall or hurt yourself, then could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills along with extra settlement cost if the cause was due to the owner’s negligence (no matter how big or small the resulting injury).Extra settlement could also include any time missed from work due to the slip and fall injury. At the PM Law Firm, we know that the time after an injury can be stressful and confusing. Especially if you have to take legal action. That is why we put together a list of what you should if you slip and fall at work or other store/marketplace:

Slip and Fall STEP 1: Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

The health of a person should always be the number one priority. It is your ultimate responsibility after a slip and fall at work to seek medical attention immediately. While having yourself properly checked out, make sure all of your injuries are documented properly. These medical reports will later be a part of the evidence for legal compensation of settlement.

Slip and Fall STEP 2: Report the Accident

Another important thing to do is to report any slip and fall accidents to the responsible authority like your owner, manager, landlord, and even local law enforcement. Now, just like the medical report, you should always retain any documents to use later on in your case. Make sure to get copies before you leave the premises and keep at least one copy for yourself.

Slip and Fall STEP 3: Include Details Properly

Make sure that you state the “truth and nothing but the truth” in your reports without exaggerating the facts and/or details. You need to record what you were doing, how you fell or slipped, and what happened afterwards. If there were any witnesses, make sure to get their names and contact info should you need them later on. The clothes, shoes, equipment or any kind of pictures or videos of the incident or the location can be crucial evidence when making a slip and fall claim.

Slip and Fall STEP 4: Don’t Give any Statements

It is advised that the person who was involved in the slip and fall accident only talk to authoritative people like managers or landlords and avoid giving any statements not legally required or advised by your lawyer. Which leads us to the next step.

Slip and Fall STEP 5: Get an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you are looking for legal settlement, then you should consider getting an experienced slip and fall lawyer (personal injury).

Final Thoughts: If You Slip and Fall at Work

Workplace injuries can happen and it’s important to know what to do, should such an event occur. Our “What to do if you slip and fall at work” list is a good place to start and of course we always recommend getting a trusted slip and fall lawyer to help you navigate the complexities of personal injury cases.