The new Texas law on delivery truck accidents makes it much harder to recover damages. Bringing a lawsuit against a driver and employer after a collision got a lot tougher. While truck accident victims can hold trucking companies accountable, the difficulty increased with the new law. Even so, we honor a commitment to aggressively represent victims of delivery truck accidents.

Understanding What the New Delivery Truck Accident Laws Mean to You

The new law prevents you from suing trucking companies when a driver did not act negligently. In addition, a court can dismiss certain kinds of cases that may involve injury or even death. So instead, we make sure you get a fair and just financial settlement. The injuries and losses you suffer matter to us deeply, and you deserve the skilled services we offer.

As a result of the new law, trial cases must go through two phases. In the first phase, we focus on the negligence that caused the accident. In the second, we address legal issues that result. The law requires evidence of the driver’s liability before you can sue the employer. While the new rules may not seem fair, we can forcefully represent you to protect your rights. You deserve to receive compensation for your injuries and suffering, and we can help you get it.

Taking Care of Your Well-being

After a collision with a delivery truck, you may feel stunned and confused. We provide personal attention to your case from the beginning, and we advise you on the best things to do. We always find a way to protect your interests.

• Reporting
You need to tell your insurance company about the accident. In addition, call the police if they have not arrived at the scene. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles needs to know about any accident that caused deaths or injuries.

• Evidence
Any pictures you can safely take of the accident scene may help your case. Road conditions and weather can change, but they may matter. In addition, take pictures of your vehicle’s damage. Finally, ask anyone who saw what happened to give you their contact information.

Ask the delivery truck driver for the employer’s identification and phone.

• Keep Track of Paperwork
Every piece of information becomes valuable in your lawsuit. Keep a careful record of every trip to your doctor, noting the day and time. Retain a copy of your medical reports and bills, mechanic’s repair receipts and other expenses you incur.

• Say or Do Nothing Without Us
Police at the accident scene may ask you questions, and you need to answer them. However, do not admit to doing anything wrong. Even if you think you did, the facts may show otherwise. Missing details can make a difference. We go over everything with you to understand what happened and to explain your options going forward.

No matter who offers you a settlement, do not sign anything without discussing it with us first. Insurance companies want to lure you into a quick and low-value settlement. You have a better chance of a favorable outcome when you rely on us. We use our experience, skill and dedication to protect your best interests.

Teaming Up with Us for Delivery Truck Accidents

Our experience in delivery truck accidents can help you resolve the legal issues you face. As we join forces, we need to count on each other. The details of an accident that may seem simple can turn out otherwise. Everything that you can remember about your accident gives us something to use in your case. We reach out to you often, and we love to hear about anything new that comes to mind.

Identifying Compensation Sources
We help you make sure to meet every deadline on time. When you seek the funds you deserve from an insurance company, the slightest mistake can delay your claim. Therefore, accuracy matters, and sending in everything on time becomes very important.

• Policy Terms
Your insurance company does not put your best interests ahead of their own. When we meet with you, we review the terms of your policies. We need to check them for your coverage and the damage done by the other driver. Some delivery truck drivers may have company coverage or a personal policy.

After an accident, your pain and confusion may not let you feel like coping with an insurance company. However, we understand that pain and suffering can make you want to settle. So instead, we handle all details for you.

• Responsibility
Someone holds the liability for every accident, but finding it poses challenges. If you share some responsibility for what happened, you can expect it to affect how much you can reasonably claim. Some issues that need an answer may take time to identify the responsible person or company. Rules in the new law make the process harder. However, we work through each detail as we develop your case.

Evaluating Delivery Truck Accident Effects and Calculating Costs

Our experience handling delivery truck accidents shows us that what happened deserves careful analysis. A life-changing impact on your life may stem from someone else’s negligence. As we work on your case, we examine the immediate effects on your life. However, the long-term consequences may matter even more. We carefully explore each impact on your quality of life and the financial burden an accident can impose. We consider every aspect of damage to your life to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

• Possessions
Damage to your vehicle requires a fair settlement, but your possessions inside deserve attention too. Therefore, we help you recount everything of value you carry in your vehicle.

• Medical Care
The expenses you may incur can continue to mount until you heal entirely or as much as possible. Surgery and hospital costs can rapidly mount as you try to recover from injuries. Continuing care as an outpatient may involve expensive therapies.

In addition, in-home treatment may require equipment to help you perform routine functions. Placing medical devices in your home may require modifications to the physical structure for long-term use.

• Missed Work
An unfortunate accident with a delivery truck can affect the rest of your life. Financial burdens may occur from missing a few days of work. However, they become more difficult to bear as days stretch into weeks off work. We request your treatment providers to describe the long-term conditions you may face.

We desire the best outcomes that do not cause the end of your career. Likewise, we hope for the accident not to make you unable to work. However, we prepare for every possible outcome that can affect your quality of life for years to come.

Getting Ready for Trial
We assume that your case may go to trial, and we start preparing for it from the first time you contact us. Delivery truck companies know which attorneys accept a low settlement. Our track record of taking cases to court lets them know that we can outwork them. We have experts who can prepare medical and liability materials to support our cases. Their attorneys know that we do not accept low settlements. When they know we take cases to court, it helps us obtain the highest possible compensation for you.

If your case does go to trial, we know that you may feel anxious about it. While probably a new experience for you, it does not need to frighten you. We talk you through the process and help you understand each phase. When we go to trial, we present evidence from medical records, physical therapies, medical recommendations and mental health guidelines that indicate the seriousness of your situation. As successful and experienced civil trial attorneys, we know how to prepare a winning case.

Understanding Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents
Collisions can happen for many reasons, and most point to issues with the driver or the truck. When accidents happen to you, we take steps to get you compensation for the injuries and losses you suffer.

• Texting, Talking or Eating
When a moment of inattention takes a driver’s focus off the traffic, an accident can happen. Drivers may talk on the phone, check an address or review directions as typical distractions. Some may try to pick up something that fell on the floor or open a takeout order. Each one results in the driver not paying attention.

• Failure to Comply with Laws
Traffic laws apply to delivery truck drivers as much as anyone else even when they need to meet a deadline. For example, speeding and running a red light can cause damage to unsuspecting motorists. Likewise, failure to obey street signs can result in U-turns or other violations that produce accidents.

• Impaired Judgment
Prescription drugs and alcohol can make a driver unable to drive safely. In addition, drug use can slow reaction time, and it may damage the decision-making process. As a result, a driver using substances may have a diminished ability to control a vehicle.

• Exhaustion
The demands of operating a commercial vehicle require proper rest. Unfortunately, many delivery truck drivers work long hours with many stops and boring duties. Feeling tired can cause drivers to lack focus. Therefore, when we work on your case, we look into a schedule of deliveries that may seem excessive.

• Unqualified Drivers
When companies cannot find competent drivers, they may hire drivers with no experience. Drivers who have no training or certifications can create situations that harm people. Therefore, our review of your case includes looking at a driver’s record of violations that may represent risks. In addition, we review a company’s policy on background checks for drivers.

• Poor Vehicle Upkeep
Since routine maintenance on delivery trucks requires inspection of tires, brakes and mirrors, we check on the most recent service. Failure to ensure proper engine and air conditioning performance can distract a driver from responsible driving. In addition, an overloaded truck can make it difficult to stop in time to avoid a collision. Therefore, we look at every aspect of truck maintenance and performance.

The steps we take to protect your interests set us apart from other attorneys. We aggressively represent you, and insurance companies expect it from us. Our successful experience with delivery truck accidents shows that we can give you the representation you deserve. Call our office for a free consultation to see how we can help you.