Oil Rig Accident Lawyer in Humble, TX

Hazardous lines of work go hand in hand with accidents. Many times these accidents can result in serious injury or even death. Oil rig jobs fall into this category. We see many oil rig workers getting hurt and needing proper representation from an experienced oil rig accident lawyer. The lawyers at PM Law Firm have helped resolve many oil rig accident cases. So, if you or a loved one was injured while working on an oil rig, we highly suggest getting in contact with us to go over all your legal options.

Most Common Oil Rig Accidents

While the list is long and the hazards high, the following are the most common oil rig accidents categorized by the their frequency.

Transportation Related Accidents

The main cause of such accidents is bad weather or automobile failure. These accidents occur when workers or machinery is being transported to and from the oil rig.

Machinery Accidents

Oil rig working involves high levels of exposure to machinery that is not just heavy but also dangerous. Many times, workers get hurt working on a piece of equipment that leaves them physically and mentally tired. This causes careless mistakes that lead to serious injury and death.

Fire or Explosions

Oil Rig fires and explosions are among the most deadly oil rig accidents. Flammable materials and electricity are often very close in proximity to one another which makes the risk of fire very high. Fires on oils are not easily controlled and can very easily lead to explosions causing millions of dollars of damage and even more in medical bills and loss of life.

Harmful Exposure

Oil rig workers are often handling hazardous chemicals that can cause health problems instantly or later in life.

Accidents by Falling

Many fluids and lubricants are involved in the production of oil. These fluids can create a very slippery and hazardous work environment. Slips and falls on oil rigs are common and can lead to injury or death. Also, workers are often required to climb to great heights where one mistake can lead to a fatal fall.

Oil companies provide many jobs to Texans and are a major part of Texas' booming economy. The large number of hazardous jobs leads to a large number of accidents. Unfortunately some of these accidents can be prevented if employers and employees would take the necessary steps to create a safe work environment.

Awareness for Employers

Employers need to understand that people employed at their companies and their safety are their responsibility. Enforcing the safety codes should have the utmost priority. This can not only save companies millions of dollars in legal bills, it will save lives.

Awareness for Employees

Employees themselves should always stay up to date on the latest safety measures and procedures related to the job/equipment they are working with. No safety measure or rule should be overlooked or deemed as insignificant. Negligence doesn't always affect you alone. It can severely harm your coworkers or even other civilians.

Get a Trusted Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been seriously injury, or even killed, in an oil rig accident, you'll need an experienced oil rig accident lawyer to help you navigate the complex legalities involved. The attorneys at the PM Law Firm are here to help and would love the opportunity to talk to you about your case. Call us for a free consultation and let us go over the rights you have as well as potential compensation options moving forward. Don't let your employer's negligence completely destroy you and your family's lives. You deserve the maximum compensation for any harm that was caused.